This site is for both those who are thinking of trading as well as those who are already trading commodity futures and options. If you need information about any aspect of futures, this site is for you! Some of the topics we discuss include: daytrading, discount brokers, online exchanges, internal financing, seasonal strategies, getting scammed, forex, the NFA or CFTC. Even if you are already trading commodities and futures, this site will provide the information you won't find elsewhere.

This site is a resource for anyone trading options, paper trading, taking a commodity trading course like Ken Roberts, Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein. Paper traders especially need to understand all the risks before they commit real dollars to the markets.For those interested in trading E-mini contracts, currencies, corn, soybeans, crude oil, heating oil, eurodollars, t-bonds, stock indices, silver and gold, please fully educate yourself before you put your hard earned savings at risk.Before you expose your life savings to the perils of the markets and slick broker tricks, before you continue any further, GET THE FACTS!Futures 2000: The Untold Facts, a new book by Kirk Moore, is now available. Find out:

  • Daytrading. Everything you have been told about daytrading is false! Mandatory reading for daytraders or you could lose big!

  • Taxes. Critical analysis and discussion. Eliminate taxes and increase profits 50 PERCENT!

  • Internal Financing. Identify the hidden costs of internal financing that others don't tell you about. Mandatory for anyone attempting to scale trade. Includes simple mathematical analysis of internal financing that will blow you away!

  • Execution, slippage and commissions. Quantify or die. Fresh investigative analysis exposes tremendous facts.

  • Computer systems. A bulletproof analysis of system trading incorporating a simple but original method.
  • Ken Roberts, Larry Williams, Jake Bernstein and the other education vendors. WHO can you believe? WHAT can you believe? Surprising facts and obscure information that will open your eyes.
  • Options. Discussion and analysis of options using a little known perspective. Sometimes the simplest techniques yield the most answers.
  • Exponential Time Decay. How Exponential Time Decay systematically bleeds your option premiums. Learn proven techniques to protect option values.
  • Broker Qualification Exam. You are going to send $100,000 to whom?  How long have you known this person?  Don't waste hours and dollars dealing with unqualified commodity and option brokers, fax this exam and instantly determine the broker's qualifications.
  • Screwed by your commodity or option broker? Screw back! How to make a lousy or dishonest broker squirm! Compliance secrets brokers don't want you to know. Use these form letters to turn up the heat: rare, medium or WELL DONE - YOU decide!! Immediate results!!
  • Seasonals. Simple, unconventional test unveils a wealth of hard data and new insights.

These are just some of the topics covered in Futures 2000: The Untold Facts. Get the inside information that nobody else discloses. Before you drop thousands of dollars into the markets, do your homework and get this priceless information for only $29 plus $3.00 shipping.California residents add $2.39 sales tax.

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